The Memphis National Business League's Health, Wealthy and Wise (HWW) series teaches people about the critical thinking necessary to acquire financial security and independence, how to maintain a job and career focus, how to balance health, life, and work, and how to develop the community through reinvestment. 

HWW will extend life coaching and mindfulness programs and disciplines to help young people experience success on an unparalleled level.  HWW is designed to encourage civic, social, economic, and spiritual leadership with the intention of helping young people eliminate the need or inclination to consider destructive options (e.g., joining a gang or being a blight on the community and society.

HWW program is designed around 16 chapters with the first 8 chapters’ teaching individuals to first discover their own strengths.  Chapters 9-16 teach individuals how to navigate the society around them, incorporating conflict resolution and problem solving as critical components of the program.  Memphis National Business League’s system turns the classroom into a simulator.  Thus, giving individuals a safe place to try, fail, adapt, and succeed.

The entire program is built to encourage empowerment and enrichment.  Life coaching and mentors are essential.  The Memphis National Business League does not expect participants to get there alone.  We incorporate coaching and training into every aspect of the program.  The Memphis National Business League reinforces this experience with tools, resources, technology, apps, experiences, and expertise daily.

The Memphis National Business League’s commitment to its participants does not end with the culmination of a class ceremony. Instead, we recognize this initial success as the beginning of a lifetime commitment to mentor and coaching. Participants will be challenged to give back to the community and train to become future mentors and coaches themselves. Everyone Can Serve!!!

The Memphis National Business League reaches beyond the limits of the program and is constantly recruiting relationships that will enhance the program’s experience.  The Memphis National Business League reaches out to faith, corporate, civic, government, media, entertainment, sports, technology, medical, and community leaders to partner and engage with us.

Healthy, Wealthy, Wise is not just a program, but a way of living.  The Memphis National Business League relies on exposure in the community to expand experiences and help create a shared world view for social change. Ultimately, the Memphis National Business League is dedicated to assisting all citizens in finding their passion, drive, and success.