We believe in strategic value
We specialize in Sales, Marketing Strategies and Solutions
Our goal is to increase your market and sales capture (Locally/Nationally)
Edutainment:  Community Concert Series
We are here to present one of our premier strategies for market engagement and capture.
We specialize in creating a marketing engagement experience through a 75 year proven but not widely known method of entertainment called edutainment, initially formalized and introduced by Walt Disney in 1948. 

We turn events into a marketplace.  We help you maintain a sustainable advantage through participatory marketing.
We keep you connected through a network of consumer and market touch points. 
Edutainment works because we master creating an atmosphere and experience “Where Everyone is a Star”.

We meet our audience at their needs, goals, hopes and dreams.
The value of edutainment is our ability to manage your access to your targeted market(s).  We can bring in both local and national artist to venues of all sizes throughout a community.


Connecting people with educational opportunities, financial resources, and research opportunities. Individuals can search for learning institutions from pre-kindergarten learning centers to universities. The website and select resource centers will be privy to our proprietary “Edutainment” series which features a unique presentation of American history to foster a positive self-image. Students will enjoy an array of presentations that vary from musical performances to spoken word arts. It is our firm belief that the only thing that stands between many individuals and prosperity is information. We intend to reduce those barriers by providing opportunities to learn.