The MNBL has been dedicated to assisting community, business and faith leaders in building sustainable capacity.


The MEMPHIS NATIONAL BUSINESS LEAGUE (MNBL) is a Memphis-based non-profit organization that is dedicated to the development and sustainability of communities. The organization was founded by Bishop WA Sesley who has built a life and legacy of empowerment. We are a cause organization focused on helping people and communities develop themselves through the use of our framework, focusing on community revitalization.


The MNBL is focused on solutions and services aimed at supporting collective grassroots efforts for economic, social, and civic empowerment and enrichment. The MNBL’s leadership's legacy of supporting individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations is matched by its desire to see Memphis and its entire Tri-State area uplift and improve the quality of life of all communities contained therein.

The MNBL’s vision is to develop self-sufficient families; educated and motivated youth; intellectual and critical thinking students; skilled and trained employees; enlightened and informed consumers; sustainable communities; and flourishing businesses.

The MNBL specializes in business development and the development of life skills that prepare individuals to make responsible life choices. We have a proven ability to work with clients to help them accomplish short term and long term strategic goals (knowledge management systems). We are committed to developing and nurturing relationships through effective planning, coordinating, and evaluating client’s needs by assessing their goals, dreams, and aspirations. Thus, enabling a client to go from concept to implementation to completion to support of a project or endeavor. Concurrently, we provide operations management, event coordination, public relations management, coalition building, community partnership development, and fundraising strategies as additional services of the organization.